Xen Project 4.8 Release Notes

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Xen Project 4.8.0 was released on 2016 Dec 5.

Xen Project 4.8.0 is the work of 5.3 months of development, with 1245 changesets.

Also see Xen Project 4.8 Acknowledgements

New Feature Highlights

The list of new features can be found on the following page: Xen Project 4.8 Feature List

You can also see an evolution of features on Xen Project Release Features

Documentation is available on Xen Project 4.8 Man Pages

Build Requirements

The default installation prefix has been changed to /usr/local. Previously the default installation prefix was /usr To restore the previous behaviour, specify --prefix=/usr when running ./configure, e.g.:

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr

If you choose to accept the new default then be sure to cleanup any residual bits of the old installation in the old prefix, especially libraries and tools which you might pick up by mistake.

Due to this change it may also now be necessary to run /sbin/ldconfig as root after installing Xen.

Note also that Xen now requires gcc v4.1 or greater.


First of all you will have to get the Xen 4.8 source code, which you can either download through our release tarball (including signature) from our download page. Alternatively, you can get the source in the following way:

  • With a recent enough git (>= just pull from the proper tag (RELEASE-4.8.0) from the xen.git repo directly:
git clone -b RELEASE-4.8.0 git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git
  • With an older git version (and/or if that does not work, e.g. complaining with a message like this: Remote branch RELEASE-4.8.0 not found in upstream origin, using HEAD instead), do the following:
git clone git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git
cd xen
git checkout RELEASE-4.8.0

Build instructions can be found at Compiling Xen From Source or Compiling Xen From Source on NetBSD.

Known issues

While we did the utmost to get a release out, there are certain fixes which were not complete on time. As such please reference this section if you are running into trouble.