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Rather than try to predict precisely what will make it into what release, we are following an approach from the Agile world and call all uncompleted features the "Backlog". We are however keeping track who is doing what, what is completed and what is almost completed in this wiki page. For ongoing work check out the Process section of this document.

Release Manager

We confirmed Wei Liu from Citrix as Release Manager for Xen 4.6 : see e-mail thread


As in the past, roadmap discussions will mostly happen on the xen-devel mailing list (see below). The convention is that our release manager will regularly post an e-mail called Xen 4.6 development update on the xen-devel list and that community members respond to it.

The Process

You can find information on how we make relases in this blog post. We also attached a few pictures for your convenience.

Xen 4.6 Timeline

We are planning on a 9-month release cycle. Our current estimated dates:

 Development start: 6 Jan 2015
 Feature freeze: 10 Jul 2015
 <==== WE ARE HERE ===>
 Release date: 9 Oct 2015 (could release earlier)

Running Roadmap Updates on xen-devel


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Xen 4.6 Completed Features

== Completed ==

=== Hypervisor ===

*  New Migration (v2)
  -  Andrew Cooper & David Vrabel

*  Clean-up of mem-event subsystem
  -  Tamas K Lengyel

== Hypervisor x86 ==

*  HVM guest NUMA (SRAT) (good)
   See vNUMA in Xen toolstack
  -  Wei Liu

* Regression in PCI passthrough of INTx legacy devices can trigger list corruption 
  -  Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

== Hypervisor Intel ==

*  Intel memory bandwidth monitoring for VMs 
  -  Chao Peng

*  Intel Cache Allocation Technology 
  -  Chao Peng

*  Intel PML (Page Modification Logging) for Xen 
  -  Kai Huang

*  Enable vTPM subsystem on TPM 2.0 
  -  Xu, Quan

== Hypervisor ARM == 

*  Mem_access for ARM 
   -  Tamas K Lengyel

*  ARM - SMMU resync of Linux's one 
  -  Julien Grall

*  ARM - passthrough of non-PCI 
  -  Julien Grall

*  ARM - SMMU resync of Linux's one
  -  Julien Grall

*  ARM: reenable support 32-bit userspace running in 64-bit guest
  -  Ian Campbell

=== Hypervisor ARM / SoC Support  ==

*  Thunder X platform support 
  -  Vijay Kilari

*  Add support for Huawei hip04-d01 platform 
  -  Frediano Ziglio

*  Add support for Xilinx ZynqMP SoC 
  -  Edgar E. Iglesias

=== Hypervisor ARM / Automotive ===
*  arm: introduce basic Renesas R-Car Gen2 platform support (done)
  -  Oleksandr Tyshchenko

== Xen toolstack ==

*  libxl: add qxl vga interface support for upstream qemu
  -  Fabio Fantoni

*  SPICE support improvement 
  -  Fabio Fantoni

*  vNUMA in Xen toolstack
  -  Wei Liu

*  Display IO topology when PXM data is available 
  -  Boris Ostrovsky

== Other OSes (MiniOS, QNX) ==

*  Splitting off mini-os 
  -  Wei Liu

== OVMF ==

*  OVMF on ARM 
  -  Ard Biesheuvel

*  Update Xen tree to use upstream OVMF 
  -  Anthony PERARD

== Quality ==

* Set up independent Xen Project test lab
  - Ian Jackson

* setup CI loop for OpenStack 
  -  Anthony Perard

* Significant new Test Cases added to OSSTEST
  - Stubdom - Wei Liu
  - CPU Pools - Dario Fagiolli

Note that not all tests improvements are tracked, only major new 

Other Information about how we manage releases