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The Xen Project allows communty members to advertise jobs that require Xen skills in the Jobs Pages.

How do I request a listing in the Xen Project Jobs Pages?

  1. Step 1: Create an account and log in
  2. Step 2: Create a listing
  3. Step 3: One of our community moderators will approve your listing. The moderator may make changes to your listing, such as correct the category or tags.

Job Categories

Open Source Job Postings

These are jobs for developers in the Xen Project. Jobs should only be posted in this category if

  • The developer will be working on Xen related code in one of the upstreams of Xen (Linux Kernel, BSD's, QEMU, etc.)
  • The developer will be working on Xen code on one of the Xen Project teams
  • The developer will be working on Xen integrations in open source distros or other open source downstream projects (e.g. CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenNebula, etc.)

Commercial Xen-related Job Postings

All other jobs that require Xen skills should be posted in this category. Examples may be:

  • System administrators
  • Developers working on commercial products that use or interface with Xen
  • Etc.