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Xen Roadmap

Xen 3.3 Roadmap

Xen 3.3 features/enhancements set for development include the following:

  • IO emulation "stub domains" for improved HVM IO performance and scalability
  • replacement of Intel VT vmxassist by new 16b emulation code
  • improved VT-d device pass-through e.g. for graphics devices
  • enhanced C and P state power management
  • exploitation of multi-queue support on modern NICs
  • removal of domain lock for improved PV guest scalability
  • 2MB page support for HVM and PV guests
  • upgrade QEMU version
  • enhanced xen api support
  • switch to pv_ops as the main dom0/domU used for testing

Several of these items currently have no "owner" so please send email to xen-devel@lists.xensource.com if you have any interest in leading the development effort. The delivery schedule for 3.3 is not fixed so please monitor this page for future updates to include a complete development and test schedule for Xen 3.3.